#BlackHomeschoolingTips: Whose Well Done are You Seeking?


Whose well done are you seeking?

Homeschooling can become extremely stressful when we continue to seek the validation of the educational system that we pulled our young warriors out of. Though we know that the system doesn’t serve our needs, we still put pressure on our children to meet many of it’s arbitrary and outmoded requirements.

While seeking the “well done” from the system, our young warriors, those who have come before, and those who are yet to come get lost in the shuffle. If we continue to mold the education of our young warriors around Eurocentric tests, standards, and curriculum, are we really preparing our children for a “better” future? Are we honoring the legacy of those who knew the importance knowing thyself and self-determination? Will the generations to come applaud us for consciously following the rules of our oppressors even though it leads to miseducation and intellectual incarceration?

Whose well done do we seek?

Hopefully my daughter will say, “thank you for helping me become a lifelong learner. Thank you for helping me understand the value of and debt owed to those who have gone on. Thank you for requiring critical thinking every step of the way.”

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P.S. Don’t look for a “good job” or pat on the back from most family members and friends as you take this journey. You can quickly tell that the well done you seek is different for theirs. And that’s perfectly fine.

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