Can you design a system of education?

Your assignment:

Design a system of education that can ensure that those newly born will be able to participate fully in the traditions and the understandings achieved by your culture and perhaps even build upon them in the future.


What do you include? What are the essentials and what are not?

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One thought on “Can you design a system of education?

  1. This is an awesome question.

    I grew up in a Panamanian household. My great-grandparents were from Jamaica and migrated to Panama to work on the canal.I think of my self as a hybrid model, being a New York born child of Panamanian parents. My culture was rich and the core of my success.

    If I could describe my culture in three words it would be:Discipline, Outgoing and Family

    My class would consist of the following:
    1.The student would go to a weekly breakfast with a Panamanian family. Food brings the Panamanian family together and it is a place where many lessons are taught. Breakfast would teach important lessons, stress the importance of family, and the student would have fun from the jovial experience.

    2.A trip to Panama. Panama, like many countries, is depicted as a poor, decrepit country in textbooks, the news, and other media. Taking a trip to Panama would allow students to see the Panama Canal, Panama City, the Cuna Indians and the diversity of the country.

    3. The student will take dance classes to learn how to dance to a range of Panamanian music. Dancing is a form of expression in the Panamanian culture and music is played very often. Learning the dances would allow the students to feel the outgoing spirit of the Panamanian people.

    Formal learning of the Panamanian culture through reading and lectures isn’t necessary. Students would seek to learn more on their own through the cultural experiences.

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