FAQs on Homeschooling



Here are some frequently asked questions about Black homeschooling. Stroll down to see all the questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at KamaliAcademy@gmail.com

Should I use the same curriculum as the public schools?

Where should I homeschool?

Laws on Homeschooling

What are the costs of Homeschooling?

What materials and resources are available?

What kind of curriculum should I use?

How can one person be an expert in everything?

Will my child be able to go to college?

What should the schedule look like?

What about the issues of socialization?

Does my child have to take standardized tests?


More to come.

Revolutionary Love,

Dr. Samori Camara



2 thoughts on “FAQs on Homeschooling

  1. I love what you are doing, and I am very inspired by you and the passion you have for the African children’s future and African education.

    I’m actually Mexican American, but my children are all biracial, and are both African as well as Latino. I can relate to some of the things you talk about in some of your videos. I definitely agree that our children are not being taught about their own culture, heritage, ethnicity, languages, customs,rituals, traditions, etc.

    My daughters weren’t ever taught in public schools about Mexican or Black history to the degree that it should be. When anything about our race does come up in the lesson, it’s usually about inferiority and submission to the Whites, and generally always has a negative connotation.

    I too understand the urgent need to take my children’s education into my own hands. I pulled my daughters ages 10 and 12 out of the public school system two years ago (for several reasons). My youngest daughter Faith, has so much energy, and the teachers did not have time for her excessive talking and fidgeting. She would just get up out of her seat, or keep talking over the teacher, which was labeled as behavior problems. It was a nightmare. She was held back every single year.

    These past two years of homeschooling, math, is so daunting to Faith, that it literally has her in tears every-time…and emotional. I just hug her and reassure her that we have plenty of time to learn it at her own pace. I have been panicking, and because of this I have been thinking about quitting homeschooling.

    I hate that, because I feel that God wants me to teach my girls. I just get scared that I might “damage” them. I don’t know why I get that feeling. I know I’m completely competent and capable of teaching them. I have an honorable discharge from the Navy, and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science, and would like to further my education even more. I don’t say that to be narcissistic, rather I say that because I fear those who say, “what makes you think your qualified to teach them?”

    Not to mention, almost everyone has a negative opinion about homeschooling and home-schoolers. They insist upon sharing their negative opinions with me frequently. My friends and family think I’m nuts too.

    I really respect everything you discuss in your videos and agree with you about developing our own mission and educational philosophies within our own families. You have opened my eyes at how much more “revolutionizing” still needs to be done. Also, I am inspired to do more for the Hispanic homeschooling community. Many of my brown brothers and sisters are still being indoctrinated.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming online classes. I would love for my two daughters, Destiny and Faith to learn all about their African heritage. Destiny told me once she would love to learn to speak an African language.

    I was a single mom for ten years, and their dad, my ex husband literally abandoned us. He left when Destiny was 13 months, and Faith was in the womb. To this day, he has yet to contact us. My Destiny just turned 12, it’s bittersweet. I apologize if I am being overly candid, but I just believe that they should know about their African heritage as well as Mexican heritage. Their education is important to me, but also, who they are, their identity and self-concept are of importance to me to.

    I will continue to subscribe to your you tube videos, and check back frequently to see what new curriculum’s you have developed. The i-pad classes was a brilliant idea, and I’m looking forward to it! Thank You!

  2. This is great & very inspiring. I think this academy should be in every black community. Are the prices per student or can there be unlimited kids?

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