Why You Should Enroll Your Young Warrior

Based in Afrikan-Centered Thought
For too long, our young warriors have been left out of the curriculum. But this curriculum guide focuses squarely on them and their Afrikan heritage and future. Within every subject, we infuse Afrikan culture and values.
Saves You Time
We know that finding resources and materials for your homeschool can be a time-consuming and tedious process. This curriculum guide relieves you from the endless search for curriculum and resources online. No more of that. Kamali Academy is here.
Keeps You Focused
Often we feel that we are lost on this journey or simply feel that we are not doing enough. Follow this guide and you'll be focused while your young warrior does more than enough.
Allows Flexibility
One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is the flexibility it provides for families. All of the lessons are self-paced so that you can "do school" whenever and wherever you are. No more fighting to get to the computer at a certain time. You're welcome.

Developed and Constantly Refreshed by Two Warrior Scholars

Curriculum Designer
Founder-Chief Learner

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