Parenting by Choice or by Chance

Liberation Kamali family,

Over the last couple of weeks I have run into the idea of living life by choice or by chance; living by our own design or merely going with the flow and hoping good things will happen.

As I analyzed my own life, I realized that I lived boldly by choice in some areas of life and lazily existed by chance in other areas. In matters of basketball coaching, homeschooling, and love, I refused to let someone else steer the ship. But, in the business realm, I was letting chance dictate my destination.

Not anymore. New projects abound.

But on another note. Whenever I am introduced to a new idea, I immediately begin to think about how it pertains to the education of our children. In that realm, are you living by choice or by chance?

When I recall the many calls and emails I get from parents across the U.S. and other countries, it is obvious that the friends of Kamali Academy have embraced choice and left chance behind when it comes to ensuring that our young warriors get an education for liberation.

Keep up that spirit. Follow that intuition. You know what our children need.

Don’t leave it to chance that our children will get to know their story instead of his-story.

Don’t leave it to chance that our children will discover their purpose. Plant them in the right soil and watch purpose grow.

Don’t leave it to chance that our children will become lifelong learners.

Choose a curriculum that suits them.

Choose to honor their interests.

Choose to buck the system that kills the chances of the Afrikan mind to grow.

Choose not to have your young warrior subjected to a eurocentric education that does not recognize their genius.

Choice over Chance. Our seeds deserve that.


Revolutionary Love,

Baba Dr. Brotha Samori Camara

from Accra, Ghana

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