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Our PreK through 8th Grade online curriculum is serving 1000s. It's Afrikan-Centered and Flexible.


An ear to listen, a voice of reason, and a friend on your homeschool journey.

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Empower your young warrior with curriculum that looks like, sounds like, and feels like them.

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#BlackHomeschoolingTips: Train their Hearts First

#Blackhomeschoolingtips Train their hearts first. In the midst of teaching our warriors to be academically excellent, we forget to invest…
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#BlackHomeschoolingTips: The First Step is All You Need

#BlackHomechoolingTips The first step is all you need. Every week I receive several emails from potential homeschool parents asking for…
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#BlackHomeschoolingTips: Whose Well Done are You Seeking?

#BlackHomeschoolingTips Whose well done are you seeking? Homeschooling can become extremely stressful when we continue to seek the validation of…
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Some things we do well

In the 8 years Kamali Academy has been around, we have learned a few things that can serve you well.

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